Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., Modern European History, UC San Diego, 2014.

Fields of Study: Modern European History, Early Modern Europe, Spanish and Catalan Cultural Studies.

Committee: Dr. Pamela Radcliff (Chair), Dr. Frank Biess, Dr. Luis Martin-Cabrera, Dr. Kathryn Woolard, and Dr. Patrick Patterson.

Dissertation: Santa Coloma de Gramenet: The Transformation of Leftwing Popular Politics in Spain, 1968-1986.

A.B., Philosophy, Brown University, 2005.

A.A., Liberal Arts, Simon’s Rock College of Bard, 2001.


Assistant Professor of History and Director of Digital Humanities, Arkansas State University, Fall 2017-Present.


Peer Reviewed Publications

“Digital Approaches to the Spanish Civil War,” in Bloomsbury Handbook on the Spanish Civil War eds. Antonio Cazorla-Sánchez, Alison Ribeiro de Menezes and Adrian Shubert. Forthcoming.

“The Spanish Civil War Memory Project: Constructing and Enhancing a Digital Archive,” co-written with Luis Martín-Cabrera, Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies 43, no.1 (2018).

“Enforcing the Transition: The Demobilization of Collective Memory in Spain, 1979-1982,” Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 92, no. 6 (2015): 673-695.

Edited Special Issues

“Iberia in Entangled and Transnational Contexts,” co-edited with Scott Eastman, Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies 44, no. 1 (2019).

“Digital Humanities,” co-edited with Andrew. H Lee, Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies 43, no.1 (2018).

Book Reviews

“Book Review of Matthews, James, ed. Spain at War: Society, Culture and Mobilization, 1936-44.” Michigan War Studies Review, (2020).

“Book Review of Aitana Guia, The Muslim Struggle for Civil Rights in Spain: Promoting Democracy Through Migrant Engagement, 1985-2010.” Left History (2015).

Editorially Reviewed Blog Posts

“From Learning to Cite to Learning to Write: Using Zotero in the Classroom,” Perspectives on History, October 9, 2018. (

“The Death of Franco.” Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective, November 2020.

Digital Projects 

Associate Director, Spanish Civil War Memory Project (; Director, Memory and History: Transforming the Narrative of the Spanish Civil War and Francoist Dictatorship (, 2017-Ongoing.

Duties include establishing and directing an international internship program to increase access to the 111 audiovisual testimonies of victims, witnesses, and militants collected by the SCWMP through the creation of: time-coded and searchable transcriptions; English translations; bilingual indexes that capture narrative structure and map natural language to concepts using the project’s dedicated Subject Thesaurus; and multimodal scholarly entries based on the Thesaurus’s hierarchy of terms that link out to the enhanced testimonies.

Co-Investigator, SSHRC Connections Grant, Confronting a Difficult Past: The Spanish Civil War, 2020-Ongoing.

Duties include establishing and overseeing a bilingual editorial review process and metadata schema for the Virtual Museum of the Spanish Civil War. 

Director, (, Spring  2020-Ongoing.

Duties include: providing campus partners with access to digital humanities platforms and tools; creating a digital environment for resource sharing, collaboration, and innovation; and bringing visibility to the scholarly, creative, and pedagogical initiatives undertaken by the program’s affiliated faculty and students.

Digital Workshops

Organizer and Instructor, “Digital Humanities Research Institute at Arkansas State University,” (, May 2019.

Instructor Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, “Oral Sources, Memory and Digital Humanities.” Fuentes Orales Para La Investigación En Artes Y Humanidades. November 2020 and May 2022.

Instructor Georgia College Digital Humanities Collaborative, “Transforming Memory and History with Digital Humanities.”  April 2o20.

Grants, Fellowships, and Awards

Arkansas State University, Faculty Research Fund, 2020

Participant, NEH Advanced Institute for Digital Humanities, Digital Humanities Research Institute: Expanding Communities of Practice, CUNY Graduate Center, 2018-2019. (

Arkansas State University, Nathan Deutsch Faculty Development Fund, 2018

Arkansas State University,  Eleanor Lane Endowment, 2018

Proyectos de Cooperación Interuniversitaria UAM-Santander con EEUU, research fellowship  “Cultura, protesta y movimientos sociales en la España contemporánea. El caso de las asociaciones vecinales”  2015-2017

UC Humanities Network, graduate fellowship, 2013-2014

UC San Diego Center for the Humanities, Dissertation Writing Workshop and Research Award, 2013-2014

UC San Diego Chancellor’s Interdisciplinary Collaboratory, research fellowship “Catalan Independence: Voluntary Organizations and the Construction of Social Change,” 2013-14.

Program for Cultural Cooperation Between Spain’s Ministry of Culture and United States’ Universities, Dissertation Research Grant, 2011-2012

Fulbright IIE, Research Fellowship, 2010-2011

UC San Diego Mandeville Special Collection, Graduate Student Research Fellowship Spanish Civil War Memory Project: Audiovisual Archive of the Francoist Repression, 2008-2010.

Conference Participation

Invited Presidential Roundtable Speaker,  “Digital Humanities and History Right Now,” Western Association of Women Historians, Costa Mesa, 2022.

“‘Aprendiendo de los “dos tercios del mundo'”: pacifismo y tercermundismo en los materiales educativos del Casal del Mestre,” II International Conference: Dynamics of South-South Relations, Permanence and Evolution of the Political Alliances of the Global South (1810-2022), Madrid, 2022.

Roundtable Organizer, “Supra-Institutional Collaborations in Times of COVID: An Extensible Model for Digital Humanities Development,” Association for Computers and Humanities, Online, 2021.

“Memory and History Digital Project.” UC San Diego Spanish History Symposium, January 2021.

Experimental Session Organizer and Chair, “Putting Digital Humanities in Historical Journals,” American Historical Association, New York City, 2020.

Invited Roundtable Speaker, “What Does It Mean to ‘Teach w/#Dighist,’” American Historical Association, New York City, 2020.

Experimental session participant, “Expanding Communities of Practice through Digital Humanities Research Institutes,” Association for Computers and the Humanities Conference, Pittsburgh, 2019.

“The Spanish Civil War Memory Project: Creating Access to International Exchange,” Bucknell Digital Scholarship Conference, Lewisburg, 2018.

“Latin America on their Minds: Progressive Politics and the Trans-Atlantic Imaginary in Spain, 1968-1986,” Latin American Studies Association, Barcelona, May 2018.

Integrating Students into Digital Humanities Research: The Spanish Civil War Memory Project,” Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, Portland, April 2018.

Inclusivity in the Classroom: Constructing Catalan National Identity in Barcelona’s Spanish-Speaking Periphery,” Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, New York City, March 2017.

Transnationalism at the Grassroots: Progressive Catholicism in Spain and the Protest Cultures of the Long 1960s,” American Historical Association, Denver, January 2017.

“Mobility and Transnational Contact in the Making of Spain’s Neighborhood Movement (1968-1986),” Cultura, protesta y movimientos sociales en la España contemporánea, Madrid, November 2016.

Reassessing the Pacto de Silencio: Claiming Public Space in Santa Coloma de Gramenet during the Spanish Transition to Democracy,” European Social Science History Conference, Valencia, March 2016.

“Tiempos en que hasta la rebelión de las masas se ha hecho posmoderna:”Urban Unrest in late1980s Catalunya, Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, San Diego, March 2016.

El Plan Popular:” The Institutionalization of the Urban Movement during the Transition in Spain,” Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, Baltimore, March 2015.

Discussant for “Comparing the Spanish and Portuguese Transitions to Democracy,”Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, Baltimore, March 2015.

Reframing ‘Disenchantment:’ Regulating Citizen Participation and Constructing Sites of Memory during Spain’s Transition to Democracy,” American Historical Association, New York, January 2015.

“‘I’m from nowhere really’: Ruptured Narratives of Family Origins among Anti-Francoist Militants,” European Social Science History Conference, Vienna, April 2014.

Video Presentation, “Democracy’s Orphans: The Demobilization of Grassroots Movements during Spain’s Transition to Democracy, 1968-1986,” UC Society of Fellows in the Humanities Meeting, April 2014.

Co-written with Page Piccinini and Aida Ribot, “Catalan Independence: Voluntary Organizations and the Construction of Social Capital,” Symposium About Language and Society Austin,  University of Texas at Austin, April 2014.

“Enforcing the ‘Pact of Silence’: The Struggle over Public Space and the Discourse of Antifascism during the Spanish Transition,” Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, Albuquerque, April , 2013.

“Popular Catalanism: The Struggle Over Public Education in Barcelona’s Industrial Belt,” Southwestern Spanish History Symposium, UC San Diego, January 2012.

Teaching Experience

Undergraduate Courses at UC San Diego (2013-2015)

Spain Since 1808

Fascism, Communism, and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy, 1919-1945

Undergraduate Courses as Adjunct Instructor at Various Locations (2015-2017)

Western Civilization Since 1660

World History Since 1500

World History to 1500

Undergraduate Courses at Arkansas State (2017-2020)

World History Since 1500

Practice of History

The Age of Crisis in Europe, 1870-Present

Modern Europe, 1750-Present

Introduction to Digital Humanities

Digital History Seminar: 20th Century Spain

Digital History Seminar: Critical Archives

Digital History Seminar: Oral History and Digital Storytelling

Digital Humanities Capstone

Graduate Course for Heritage Studies Ph.D. Program at Arkansas State (2017-2020)

Introduction to Digital Humanities

Critical Archives



General Editor, Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, 2019-Ongoing.

Book Review Editor, Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, 2017-2019.

Reviewer for: The Journal of Contemporary History, The Oral History Review, Memory Studies, International Journal of Iberian Studies, the Association for Computers and the Humanities, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.


Director of Digital Humanities, Arkansas State University, 2018- Ongoing.

CETL Faculty Advisory Board, Fall 2021-Spring 2022.

Honors Council Fall 2020-Ongoing.

General Education Task Force, Fall 2020-Fall 2021.

Fulbright Campus Committee, Fall 2019-Ongoing.

Education and Technology Committee,, Fall 2019-Spring 2021.

Phi Alpha Theta Faculty Advisor and Regional Conference Organizer, Arkansas State University History Department, 2018-2019.

Program Committee Member Heritage Studies Ph.D. Program, Arkansas State University, 2018-Ongoing.

History Department Curriculum, Assessment, and BA Undergraduate Committee Member.


Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies

American Historical Association

Latin American Studies Association

The Association for Computers and the Humanities


Fluency in Spanish

Advanced reading knowledge of Catalan